viramune/epicom vs sustiva/truvada?


i am treatment naive and am scared of taking t cells are 245 @ 17% and my viral load is 13704...they have been this way since i found out a year and a half ago...which medication combo is better? less side effects? epicom viramune or sustiva truvada?
also... floaters in the eyes...can/are ythey related to hiv? thanks you for your help...the advice from this site has helped me before...this is the first time i have asked a well


Hello and thanks for posting. Your T cells (CD4 cells) are in the 200 to 350 range at which treatment is often recommended. There really is no one best combination starting regimen and therapy should be individualized. However, Truvada and Sustiva are more often selected as initial therapy. This probably has to do with concerns about potential side effects hypersensitivity from Epzicom (the abacavir component) and worries about liver toxicity from Viramune. Since your numbers have been stable and the viral load is relatively low it is not crucial to start therapy straight off, but certainly a decline in CD4 cells below 200 would be a strong reason to get started.

When the CD4 count is greater than 200, floaters in the eyes are not typically related to an HIV-related complication. Regardless, you should see an ophthalmologist for evaluation of the floaters. Best of luck to you.