What could a Viral Load of 400 mean having never taken Anitvirals


I was recently diagnosed with HIV and took a conformity Western Blot and a Viral load test. The WB came back positive but the Viral load was in the low 400's My doctor is not sure what to make of it. I never had any of the symptoms to indicate HIV, I was tested for a travel visa, that is the only way I found out. I was negative two years ago when testes.


Hello and thanks for posting.

Sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis.

With a positive Western Blot and viral load test, we can be certain that you do have HIV infection. The lack of symptoms is always a good thing, but in no way is a measure of whether one has or doesn't have HIV.

A low viral load like yours is also a good thing, as it tends to indicate that your body is doing a pretty good job in controlling the virus. Therefore, your rate of immune decline would be expected to be somewhat slower than the average person. Nevertheless, this doesn't necessarily mean that you don't need routine follow monitoring (clinical and laboratory) nor that you might need HIV medications in the future.

I hope this is helpful, BY