Hello, I am a 34 year old man and was diagnosed HIV positive in August of 2013.

August 2013 :- CD4 count : 461 and % CD4 : 12.2% .The Viral Load was 266,800 copies /ml of blood.

September 2013 :- CD4 : 592 and %CD4 :17.9%

January 2014:- CD4 : 248 and % CD4 :12 %. February 2014:-Cd4: 224 and Viral Load 148,000 copies/ml

Begin Viraday (efavirenz + tenofovir + emtricitabine) in Feb 2014: It started impacting my liver, therefore had to stop the medicine, as directed by my doctor.

Then I switched Doctor who asked me to repeat CD4 and Viral Load

April 2014: CD4: 433 and Viral Load 1,800 copies/ml

The doc told me that its my choice to begin medicines right away or wait out and repeat tests after 3/6 months.

based on the pattern/trend of my counts - can we tell if I have got this disease more recently-say an year or so?

Also, is it the right time for me to resume ART or shall I wait out?



Hello and thanks for posting.

While your current CD4 count is in the low normal range, your low pre-treatment CD4 and high baseline viral load suggest that you'll soon rapidly return to these values after stopping treatment. It's difficult to interpret labs and say when you were infected, as some people progress slowly, others have rapid disease progression.

If you were my patient, I'd be strongly suggesting resuming HIV treatment in the near future.

Hope that helps, BY