vih negative for elisa but more symptoms


My symptoms

Itch all over his body the next day is then folliculitis in chest and cleavage third week after the severe maculopapular rash neck chest and arms. After severe atopic dermatitis in neck chest shoulders neck / many bloody shells pruritus

in the mouth

lichen planus on inside of cheek rash on inside of cheek enaltema soft palate inflamed taste buds hard lump in the hard palate white tongue

A year face severe xerosis

A year and three months night sweats for a week (deep) painful groin nodes for a month severe rash all over his back strong for more than several weeks.

Two years 50 oral thrush diarrhea

a year and a half white lesion in the middle of the tongue (not candidiasis) now persists only in the hard palate hard lump, the zerosis and dermatitis and I get some itching in the legs and feet and romchas

i have mutation of vih no detectable for elisa? i have aids without hiv??? ( china???)



If I am understanding you correctly, you have had a negative HIV test a 2 years after a possible exposure. An HIV test is reliable at 28 days and conclusive by 90 days. Therefore your symptoms must represent something else. I would suggest talking to a doctor and having them investigate other causes for your symptoms. Take care,