VD Question!


Hello Dr. Bob!

Very quickly, because I can't find a specific answer on Yahoo or anything like that.

But if you get a venereal disease in your penis, does that automatically mean you had unprotected sex.

After sex with this guy I sometimes see, I noticed some discharge from my penis. I went and got it checked out at my doctor's, and while there was nothing visible when I saw him (isn't that always the case!? The symptoms disappear in front of the doctor!) he swabbed me (good Lord!) and gave me some pills. He said they would cure whatever I had, if I had it. Sure enough they did.

But I got to worrying about whether or not that necessarily means the condom was compromised. At no time did it slip off. I'm rather big in that department so they are a very tight fit. Nor did it break. I fill them with water afterwards to make extra sure.

So the only thing I can think of is that we maybe did frottage and I slipped inside him and neither of us knew it?

I mean, what other way could it have happened?

Hoping you can offer some hope. I know how to be safer during sex. I don't even give the guy a blow job because I'm scared of precum!

Could this potential VD, whatever it was, have proven that something went wrong?!



Hello there Mr. "Rather Big in that Department,"

From the details in your post, I can clearly see you are very well versed on safer sexual practices and have adhered extremely well to the safer sexual guidelines. For that reason alone, your chances of being HIV infected are next to nil.

I don't know exactly which STDs your doctor "swabbed" you for (OUCHAMAGOUCHA!!!). I would assume gonorrhea and Chlamydia. Another common cause for discharge is non-specific urethritis (NSU). You could have irritated your trouser snake with aggressive backdoor frottage. However, if indeed you "slipped inside him," I think one and probably both of you would have known it, especially considering your trouser snake is the size of a giant anaconda.

At this point, if your painful swab was negative, and you've already been treated empirically, there is no way to determine if indeed you had an STD. Perhaps you just irritated your equipment and your symptoms would have resolved spontaneously without treatment. We'll never know. If you remain worried about HIV, get a single HIV-antibody test at the three-month mark. I'm quite certain the result will be negative.

Continue to play safe and you'll stay safe, OK?

Regarding your "very tight fit," have you tried Magnums in the gold-foil package? They are extra large and even fit Italians comfortably. You might also check out the custom condoms at condomania.com.

Stay well Anaconda Guy.

Dr. Bob