Are there various grades of night sweats?


I am a 34 year old female who has had shotty lymph nodes along the collarbones with a heavier concentration on the right side for a year. CT scans show nodes 1 cm or under, but no cancer. They have not been biopsied.My question concerns night sweats. I do have night sweats where my whole body is soaked, but I also have night sweats where just my center chest, neck, and sometimes face is soaked. Are these also considered night sweats?


Night sweats are usually defined as sweats occuring at night that are severe enough that an individual needs to change his/her nightware. There is a spectrum of sweats. Some nightsweats are worse than others. I would consider most of what you describe as qualifying for night sweats. If the night sweats persist, and if no clear reason can be found, then you may need to have a repeat CT scan at some time, followed by a lymph node biopsy if any abnormality is found.