vaginal touch with cut on finger


Hi Doctor Bob

I have asked you a couple of questions before from another e mail adress,, I know your answering the question doesnt depend on the donation, but i understand the importance of your work and have donated before as i will this time. My question might seem a little silly but I am a very anxious person. also gilt is killing me but i dont think I can level with my wife again. I went to massage place,, I touched the girl vagina, only over her underwear, not for more than 10 seconds , not hard, after this when i washed my hand I noticed a small cut on the back of my finger,,about .5 cm,, with a little dry blood,, I have no idea when i cuted my self,, I have been thinking there was no risk as it was only over her underwear,, I did not get my finger in.

I would really aprecite your risk assesment, as I get anxious very easily.

Thank you Doctor



Your HIV-acquisition risk is completely nonexistent. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. No HIV testing is warranted.

If indeed you get anxious very easily, consider getting treatment for your anxiety.

Thanks for your donations to the Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation ( They are warmly appreciated.

Be well. Stop worrying.

Dr. Bob