vaginal strep b infection/weight loss with shiingles.


hi I have two questions. In the last year i have had two illnesses. I believe i had shingles but my docs had a hard time recognizing it. I had a shocking feeling on my had and swollen lymph nodes. i had this for about 2 months. During the two months i lost 12 lbs and ran a low grade fever about 99.3 most of the time. the rash itself was what i believe threw my docs off. i had a sore behide my left ear than one in the middle of my head then one on the other side of my head and they were not like blisters but more like red sores. one would come up at a time and go away and than i would get another this went on for two months. do you think it was shingles do people experience weight loss with shingles. A few months ago i thought i was suffering from a vaginal yeast infection but it hurt and wasn't itchy. well i treated it over and over again with anti fungles the doc gave me but he didn't culture. finally he cultures and says i had a vaginal strep b infection. when i read about it it only talked about pregnant women and their babies getting this, what do you think about this. thank you so much for listening.


It is not clear if you had shingles. It is possible to have shingles with "atypical" or unusual rash. There are several infections, most of which are viruses without therapy that may have rash, pain, low grade fever and weight loss. (Yes, shingles which is caused by the Herpes Zoster or "chicken pox" virus is one of them.)

Vaginal Strep B is one of several bacterial vaginal infections which are common. Most of the time it does not cause much in the way of symptoms, but is treated in pregnant women due to the risk of the baby developing severe illness from Strep B acquired during the birth process. Did treatment resolve your symptoms?

Be well.