vaginal sex and hiv testing


Dear Doc,

About five weeks ago, i had oral sex with a female sex worker for a few minutes. After that, I washed my penis with soap. Then I rubbed her vagina with my penis for a long time and then penetrated for no more than 30 seconds following by an ejaculation. After ejaculation, I washed my penis ith soap again immediately. She then performed oral on me for awhile again and I stopped her. That was the end of the whole story.

About two weeks later of the exposure, I had diarrhee-like bowel movements for about 14 days (3times a day) and running noses for 10 days. There were some red spots-rash-like developed on my legs and back (very few, scattered). I felt some muscle pains that lasted about three weeks. I did not feel very bad fever (if any, it must be very mild and short).

I had a oral-rapid test at 4th week after exposure which came back negative.

Here is my question:

1). Are my symptoms consistent with acute hiv infection?

2). What may be the predictable value of my hiv test?

3). Should I conducted safe sex with my wife?

Many thanks for your kind answers.


Unfortunately the exposure you describe could potentially result in HIV infection. Certainly the odds are against infection occuring after this type of exposure but it is possible. The symptoms associated with acute HIV infection are variable so it would be difficult to say if what you describe is consistent with this syndrome or not. In order to be sure that you are not infected you should have HIV testing performed out to at least 6 months after the last exposure. Until then you do need to at least consider the possibility that infection could have occurred and protect other partners.

Best, Eric