vaginal secretions on sore risk


Hello Ryan. Please answer me, I am very anxious.

I had protected sex with young thai prostitute, but after sex i discovered i had 2 fresh sores (no cuts) on my skin (on the back and chest) without upper epidermis, looking red, feeling a little moist. I am panicking i could get hiv through contact of vaginal fluids that were on girls hands with the sores.

is aids transmitted this way?

please tell me if i had real risk getting hiv.

thank you much


In order for there to be a risk for HIV infection, the following needs to occur:

  1. Direct contact with bodily fluids (blood, semen, vaginal secretions)

  2. The fluids contain HIV

  3. Fluids have access to mucous membranes or bloodstream. This is known to occur during sex (only vaginal, anal, and oral sex) and sharing injection needles.

Since your contact involved using a condom for sex (which greatly reduces the odds for transmission), it is unlikely that you were infected in the episode you describe.