Vaginal Secretions on Condom's inside...How risky???


Hey Dr. Frascino,

     First of all, I want to thank you for the great work you are doing with this site and your organization.  
 Okay I had sex with a sex worker in Bombay, India.  Well I knew it would be risky because there is a high prevalence of hiv among its sex workers-a rate like 60%!
  Anyway I took all the precautions like using a split condom for performing cunnilingus on her.  I also used a condom for oral and vaginal intercourse.  During the activities the condoms did not break, burst, tear, or leak.  Actually during the vaginal intercourse  I didn't even ejaculate-I only performed several thrusts and out of fear of the condom bursting(there was a big air bubble at the tip)I withdrew from her body.

 Okay here's where it gets tricky.  After the vaginal intercourse I put on a NEW CONDOM ontop of the one I just used for vaginal intercourse(OLD CONDOM)which I was still wearing and had her vaginal secretions on it.  I didn't want to double bag so I removed the NEW CONDOM from the OLD CONDOM and then I removed the OLD CONDOM as well.  But stupidly, I put back on the NEW CONDOM which had the vaginal secretions of the OLD CONDOM on the NEW CONDOM'S inside.  Does this make sense?  Basically in effect I was using a condom turned inside out with the girl's vaginal secretions(albeit very small in quantity and exposed to the air for a minute or two) on the inside of the condom touching the head and possibly urethra of my penis.  

   Well it has been 4 weeks and no ARS symptoms except a runny nose probably due to springtime allergies.  Anyway I plan on getting tested a three months through the home access test.  What are my risks in this situation????  Should I be concerned about STDs like herpes, gonrrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis???

 Thanks for your time and I plan on making donation regardless of whether this question gets answered or not.  I think you guys are doing a wonderful service.

Thanks again, Ash


Hello Ash,

Your risk of contracting anything from the "OLD-NEW-Switcheroo" would be so astronomically small as to be essentially nonexistent. If you want to get HIV tested in three months, fine, but medically speaking, it's not necessary. As for STD's, with such minimal to nonexistent risk and no symptoms out to four weeks, I don't think STD screening is warranted either. However, again, this is up to you. I'm just here to let you know if there is any significant risk.

Thanks for your donation! Stay well.

Dr. Bob