Vaginal secretion got into my vagina


Hi, I am a 26 year old straight female who attended a female strip club. While at this club a friend paid for a lap dance everything was fine until the stripper lifted my legs and grinded her vagina against mine. I was wearing thin pants and underwear and she was wearing a thong. As she grinded herself on me I felt her vaginal secretions go through my pants and underwear. I felt it touch my vulva. I got up and went to the restroom and my underwear were wet and I was not aroused or sweating. I haven't had sex in 17months and tested negative on my last test. Please tell me what my risk is. Thank you for your time and considerations.


Hello there- The episode you describe does not pose any risk for infection. For HIV transmission to occur there HAS to be an exchange of bodily fluids. Even if you think you felt a little bit of wetness on your pants, underwear or skin, that doesn't count as "exchanging fluids." Take care, LHW