Vaginal Piercings


I have Three vaginal piercings. One on my clitoris and the other on my labia. I am noticing that the clitoral piercing is starting to bubble with a slimy clear puss-like substance. I cant take it out because of sexual preferences, but I wanted to know if there were a cream or pill I could take that would alleviate this puss. Also, is it possible for my labial piercings to cause inflamation and burning.


It's possible that you have an infection in the area of your piercing, so it would be advisable to see a medical professional about your situation. You may want to leave the jewelry in the piercing until you see a doctor, especially if it is a new piercing (which takes about 4-8 weeks to heal in female genitalia).

Take it easy on the piercing until you see a doctor and be conscious of sexual exposure to HIV and other STDs. Direct contact with the area may exacerbate any infection. Avoid using any over the counter creams and ointments, alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide.