vaginal infections


I was diagnos HIV in 1991. Early September I have gotten a Vaginal infections with Bacterial problems. It is now ending of January and I still have a discharge. Before visiting the doctors, I have tried over the counter monistat 2 times. and nothing happened. The doctor prescribed a one time diflucan of 150 mg., it subsided but not gone. Then I went to a ob-gyn doctor, another dose of diflucan, and a bacterial vaginal insertion for 5 days. Again, it subsided, but not gone. Next I went to the emergency room, just to give me the same thing that didnt work in the past. Right now, with my primary doctore, I am on a 30 days, 100mg diflucan, once a day. I am still discharging, and still have all of discomfort. I need help! a specialist of obgyn, or something. I have a very bad case of the yeast, i believe from my intestines, affecting all my vaginal area. I need help!!


It would be nice to have a specific diagnosis (ie is a fungus present or do you have trich or bacterial vaginosis??). Often helpful to start eating active culture yogurt to try and normalize your gut/vaginal bacterial flore. Avoiding chemicals and other irritants in vaginal area also important in some cases-seeing a gyn doc is a good idea! KH