Vaginal Fluids on palm of hand and fluid taste, nipple sucking


Dear Robert, Having recently returned from Asia, I am worried about the few hours I spent naked with a local sex worker. We were naked together for a couple of hours, we showered first and then moved to the bed. I masturbated her with the palm of my hand, I did not insert my fingers and my palm was moist by her vaginal fluids. Meanwhile, I was sucking her nipples and there was no taste nor seemed to be any nipple secretion. The occasional nipple hair was in my mouth. After a few minutes of both these routines, I got up and washed my hands in water, but must have rubbed my hands on my lip, too experience a minor taste of her vaginal fluid. I then washed my hands further with soap and rinsed my face and had a large drink of water.

I have no broken skin on my hands, nor did this woman have broken skin on her nipples, but it was dark and I did not inspect her vagina, she was shaved and generally felt soft.

Not feeling comfortable, there was no further sexual experience, except that she was stroking my penis for a short time as I could not and did not really want to manage an erection, I was rather disappointed at my doing!

I have read many of your articles and am encouraged by the comments and answers, there seems to be no risk for me. However, could you please advise with regards to my questions. Kind Regards, thanks in anticipation as I am anxious. I shall make a donation to support your good work.

Signed, Mr AS


Hello Mr. AS,

Your HIV-acquisition risk is essentially nonexistent. Neither worry nor HIV testing is warranted. Thanks for your support of The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation (

Be well.

Dr. Bob