vaginal fluid and sperm


how long does vaginal fluid and sperm live for once out of the body. For example it is on a prostitutes hand who give you a hand job without protection


It is difficult to say exactly how long HIV will survive outside of the body in different circumstances. Each situation will be unique. It is important to remember that HIV is known to be sexually transmitted during anal, vaginal and oral sex and is not know to be transmitted through receiving hand jobs or through contact with inanimate objects.

Scientists in laboratories are able to keep HIV alive under very specific circumstances. Scientists found that drying fluids containing very high concentrations of HIV(concentrations that are not normally encountered in day-to-day life) reduced the number of infectious virus by 90% to 99%. It is safe to say, based on these laboratory studies, that HIV would become uninfectious realitively quickly when exposed to the environment, making transmission through indirect contact with another person's fluids remote.

See "Survival of HIV in the Environment" for more information (