Vaginal discoloration and scabies


Recently I broke out with scabies. My doc perscribed kwell lotion. Most of the scabies sore are on my arms, some on my face, and some around but not on my vaginal area. Is there anyway scabies can contaminate the vulva or vagina? Also, I have noticed a distinct odor, darker color of the lips and folds. In the folds of the lips it seems like it is shedding or peeling. Does this have any relation to contracting scabies? How long does it usually take to heal from the scabie sore when using kwell? I have also experienced lower back soreness/weakness. Thank You.


Hi. Thank you for your question. Scabies is caused by a parasitic mite. This mite literally burrows beneath your skin, and causes severe itching (especially at night) and redness to the skin. Symptoms usually begin 2-6 weeks after infection in persons who have never had this infection before. In persons who have had this infection before, the symptoms can begin 1-4 days after re-infection.

Infection with this mite occurs most commonly between the fingers, as well as the wrists, elbows, belt line, armpits, thighs and the genitals in men. In women, the nipples, abdomen, and the lower portion of the buttocks are frequently infected as well. In infants, the head, neck, palms and soles may be involved (although these areas are not usually infected in adults).

This infection is transmitted primarily by direct body-to-body contact, which can include sexual contact. This infection can also occasionally be transmitted through non-sexual means (including bed sheets) to other members of the household. Because the symptoms of this infection resemble those of other skin problems, you must see a physician to have this diagnosed. This is a curable infection, with several different medications available. However, if treatment is not done properly, the infection may persist. This infection is usually cured after 1 course of treatment. Occasionally, if symptoms continue, a second course of treatment may be needed, a week later. If a person is re-exposed after getting treated, the infection can return, and that person would have to be treated all over again.

For a picture of what this infection can sometimes look like, see the posting, What Do the Symptoms of STDs Look Like?

In regard to any symptoms you are having, including any type of vaginal odor, discoloration, back pain, etc, you will need to talk to your doctor to determine the cause. You may have another medical problem going on at the same time.

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