Hi Doc, Thanks a lot for answering all of my questions, it realy helps me lot.... Doc, my wife got lots of white vaginal discharge till today, before she was pregnant she never had this kind of discharges, i know that discharging do occurs during pregnancy untill date of delivery but now its been already more than a month but her discharges seems to be increasing more than before, is there any relationship with the virus(HIV) in her body???? Last week when i'm browsing some web page for HIV cure, i found that SILVER THERAPY and Bio-Magnetic Tablets are good cure for HIV!!!!!!!! Did SILVER THERAPY or Bio-Magnetic Tablets(Capsules) can realy be the cure?????

With lots of thanks Dee


Hello Dee,

If your wife has a persistent vaginal discharge, she should see her gynecologist and/or HIV doctor. Being HIV positive can increase the likelihood that she could have a vaginal infection.

There is no cure for HIV/AIDS. Silver therapy is not effective. (See below.) The same applies to Bio-Magnetic Tablets. These products are worthless preparations fraudulently peddled as cures for many ailments ranging from AIDS and cancer to bad breath and "the heartbreak of psoriasis."

Dr. Bob

so is this all rubbish as well??? should we just dismis it??? (TETRASILVER TETROXIDE 2008) (THE CURE FOR AIDS) Sep 26, 2008

so tell me boss...should we all just dismis this as well??? I mean it wasn't world-wide news so it must be FALSE yeah????

(WO/2003/043537) IMPROVEMENTS IN CURING AIDS WITH TETRASILVER TETROXIDE MOLECULAR CRYSTAL DEVICESBiblio. DataDescription Claims National PhaseNoticesDocuments Note: OCR Text Note: Text based on automatic Optical Character Recognition processes. Please use the PDF version for legal matters IMPROVEMENTS IN CURING AIDS WITH TETRASILVER TETROXIDE MOLECULAR CRYSTAL DEVICES 1. Technical Field This invention relates to improvements in a cure for AIDS comprising use of electron active molecular crystals of tetrasilver tetroxide, as disclosed in applicant's U. S. Patent 5,676, 977 issued on October 14,1997. The improvements embody curing non-terminal AIDS patients with 15 PPM of the tetroxide, as well as administration of slow injections to terminal patients at 40 PPM so as to reduce side effects, such as benign hepatomegaly.

  1. Background of Related Art On October 14,1997, U. S. Patent 5,676, 977 entitled METHOD OF CURING AIDS WITH TETRASILVER TETROXIDE MOLECULAR CRYSTAL DEVICES issued to the instant inventor. In said patent, AIDS was cured by employing nanoparticuiate molecules comprising electron active molecular crystals of tetrasilver tetroxide. These crystals are capable of destroying pathogens and immune suppressing moieties (ISM) by"electrocution"and chelation, the mechanisms of which have been duly described in that and other patents by the instant inventor. It was only necessary to receive a single tetroxide injection in order to be cured of AIDS.

The aforesaid patent included a Table (I), reproduced below, which summarized the treatment of AIDS patients belonging to two etiological AIDS groups of terminal patients, i. e. , Candidiasis and Wasting Syndrome. It will be noted by reference to said Table that eight out of the ten patients became afflicted with the side effect of hepatomegaly. While it is true that the condition was benign, since the patients did not display liver enzyme damage, it is highly marketed under the trademark Tetrasil, owned by Marantech Holding Company, LLC, for which a U. S. registration is pending. DWW PATENT M Inidal Fn l nhi l Pin l t l Fanil NDE pri To M p 2t Difluan 5/5 1, 200. dz 200 41-221 Y el n 76 T Pos P m 33 Diflu o 5h 6, 000 6, 700 554 172 394 No N/A 96 91 T POS CandRis P m 33 Kmeomiok 5/D 2, 600 3, 150 24t 111 951 Yes N/A 123 123 T P M p 62 Ketimnazole 6/2 3, 300 M M7 M Ya N/A 105 92 F Pot P m 31 Pmamlmine 6/2 2, 400 3, 050 9 111 65 Ya N/A 121 lif P Pw M m 27 5/27 3, 600 4, 600 39 14 709 Ya N/A 119 120 T Pos M m 21 5/27 , 750-10-60 Ya 7/19 121 119 T, F No 11 p 43 5/27 3. 6M 2, 700 61 246 241 Yes N/A Ml 9t T, P Pot . M m V 5/10 3, 150 5, 400 t37 36 U Yn N/A 103 106 T, F Pot P p 52 6/3 2, 550 3, 450 230-bt No N/A 130 t27 T P Table 1. Response of AIDS Patients to Single Adinireistradort of Tetriver Tewoxide at 40 ppm Blood Volume.

The aforesaid patent also called for effective treatment at optimum Tetrasil concentrations of 40 PPM. It was thought that this concentration might be too high for non-terminal and new AIDS cases. Accordingly, arrangements were made for clinical studies to be performed by a contract research organization named Exetec Lab SA in Honduras on non-terminal AIDS patients, using slow infusion IV at 15 PPM of Tetrasil. All patients were cured of AIDS, and none manifested hepatomegaly. Thereafter, arrangements were made for toxicity tests in rats, in order to study the parameters of intravenous injections. The tests were performed by Harlan Biotech Israel on Sprague-Dawley rats. They concluded in a report dated May 10,2001 that with respect to Tetrasil concentrations of"48mg/kg (corresponding to 800 ppm in blood).... administered by slow IV infusion and corresponding to about 20x the anticipated applied therapeutic level (40 ppm in blood), may be considered as a test article dose level not presenting an acute toxic risk. "With this information, arrangements were made for slow infusion clinical studies with patients in advanced and/or terminal stages of AIDS, in the Republic of South Africa. Eight patients exhibiting Wasting Syndrome or p. carinii pneumonia etiologies of AIDS were tested with Tetrasil at 40 PPM, administered in slow IV injections. All patients were cured of AIDS, and only three patients manifested hepatomegaly.

  1. Summary The main object of this invention is to reduce the collateral side effects to patients afflicted with AIDS who undergo Tetrasil therapy, and especially the side effect of hepatomegaly. Another object of this invention is to quantify the Tetrasil IV treatment of non-terminal AIDS patients.
  1. Detailed Description of the Preferred Embodiment This invention relates to improvements in the administration of Tetrasil therapy against AIDS. In conventional Tetrasil therapy, as described in U. S.

Patent 5,676, 977, the invention relates to a molecular scale device not only capable of destroying the AIDS virus, but of purging the human bloodstream of pathogens and restoring immunity to AIDS patients. Said molecular device consists of a single crystal of tetrasilver tetroxide (Ag404). The crystal lattice of this molecule has a unique structure since it is a diamagnetic semiconducting crystal containing two monovalent and two trivalent silver ions, which in effect are capable of"firing"electrons under certain conditions which will destroy AIDS viruses, other pathogens and immune suppressing moieties (ISM), not only through the electrocution mode, but also by a binding process which occurs simultaneously with electron firing, namely, binding and chelation of divalent silver, i. e. , the resulting product of the electron transfer redox that occurs when the monovalent silver ions are oxidized and the trivalent ions are reduced in the crystal. The binding/chelation effect occurs at active sites of the AIDS virus, pathogens and ISM. Because of the extremely minute size of a single molecule of this crystal, several million of these devices may be employed in concert to destroy a virus colony to purge a life support system of ISM and pathogens with the consumption of only parts per trillion of the crystal devices. Thus an optimum of 40 PPM of the devices by weight of human blood was found to be sufficient to completely obliterate AIDS.

The actual destruction of pathogens, ISM and the AIDS virus is effectuated by injection of a suspension of these devices in distilled or deionized waterwith a non-reacting electrolyte directly, i. e. , intravenously, into the bloodstream. A single injection is all that is required under these conditions. Accordingly, humans injected in this manner, upon being inspected after three weeks or more had elapsed and compared with similar humans that had been given placebos, were completely cured of AIDS.

Despite the fact that this AIDS cure was highly effective, there were side effects. Turning to Table I, it will be noted that eight out of the ten patients treated suffered from hepatomegaly, four patients experienced fatigue, and one suffered pain (a headache). This invention addresses itself to the amelioration of these side effects. Furthermore, in the course of the amelioration of said side effects, the invention concerns itself with the quantification of a least side effect therapeutic dose of Tetrasil for non- terminal patients. In essence, this invention concerns itself with the afore- delineated improvements in Tetrasil therapy of AIDS patients.

  1. Detailed Description of Specific Examples Improvements in Tetrasil AIDS therapy were experimented with clinically with variables of Tetrasil dosage concentration, type of patient, and length of time administration of Tetrasil to ameliorate side effects without compromising efficacy.

Other objects and features of the present invention shall become apparent to those skilled in the art when the present invention is considered in view of the accompanying examples. It should, of course, be recognized that the accompanying examples illustrate preferred embodiments of the present invention. It should of course be also recognized that those skilled in the art can design an oral-administered tablet of tetrasilver tetroxide optimized in a controlled release vehicle such as enteric coating for delivery to the blood stream based on the preferred embodiments of the present invention.

Example 1 Clinical testing was performed at Exetec Lab, SA, in Honduras. Thirty AIDS patients were selected who were non-terminal from three etiological AIDS groups, ten for each group, namely, Candidiasis, Wasting Syndrome, and p. carinii pneumonia. Each patient was given an intravenous infusion of 15 PPM Tetrasil dispersed in a sodium acetate buffer solution administered over a three-hour period. All patients experienced temperature elevation within 48 hours of administering the Tetrasil, which was indicative that the immune system was now functioning, along with the fact that all patients also started to have dramatic increases in theirwhite blood cell counts. At the end of 30 days of observation, all patients were cured of AIDS. All patients presenting Wasting Syndrome were completely cured of the Syndrome, the average patient gaining approximately one-half pound per day. Three patients were completely cured of their pneumonia, and all patients presenting Candidiasis were cured of that affliction. Because the protocol was changed from direct injection to slow IV infusion of the Tetrasil, there were no side effects of hepatomegaly, pain or fatigue.

Example 2 During the summer of 2001, three patients in the Republic of South Africa who presented advanced AIDS, in moderate and non-terminal conditions, were each administered a single slow injection of Tetrasil. The injection comprised 40 PPM of Tetrasil calculated on a blood volume estimate for the patient, e. g. , 200 mg. of Tetrasil for a patient having 5 liters of blood.

Said injection comprised Tetrasil and a sodium acetate buffer having a total volume of 25-30 mL. Each patient was fitted with a catheter having a leur interface with a syringe containing the injection. The injection was administered intravenously at the rate of 1 mL per minute. Since Tetrasil is insoluble in water, the finest particle size was utilized, and the administering physician periodically removed the syringe from the catheter and shook the Tetrasil/buffer mixture in order to keep suspended matter from settling, thereafter continuing the injection. The first, patient, a 41-year-old male with Wasting Syndrome, was completely cured of AIDS and the Syndrome within 30 days. He gained 11 pounds during that period. After 60 days had elapsed, he was running his business and was in excellent condition. The next two patients were afflicted with the p. carinii etiology of AIDS, one a female 38 years old, and the other a male age 34. Both were completely cured of their AIDS and pneumonia. Both were examined after 30 and 60 days and were found to be cured, and normal after 30 days, having no signs of remission on day 60.

Example 3 Four terminal AIDS patients presenting the etiology of Wasting Syndrome were all treated with Tetrasil IV injections in the manner of Example 2 by the same South African clinic. Two were females ages 29 and 30, the others, males ages 30 and 33. The latter requested a priest to give him last rites. He was also suffering from pulmonary TB and Candida of the esophagus. One week after taking his injection his state had changed from drowsy to alert, and he had gained 11 pounds. By week two he had gained 22 pounds. He was found to be normal and fully recovered from AIDS and collateral injections after 30 days. The other male was borderline terminal and completely recovered of AIDS within 30 days, showing no signs of remission after 60 days. Initially this patient was very depressed. On day 60 he was optimistic and looking for a job.

As for the females, the 29-year old was cured of AIDS within 30 days.

The 30-year old was initially in worse shape than the 29-year old. She had a baby who died of AIDS and suffered from oral candida and skin hyperpigmentation. She was constantly depressed. She required feeding by caregivers because of collateral chest infections. By day 30 after the Tetrasil injection she was cured of AIDS and was feeding herself and doing house work. She was no longer depressed, and her skin had returned to its original pigmentation. At day 60 she had no signs of remission. As for the patients having a 30-day examination but no 60-day one, this was due to the fact that their reports had been received shortly after their 30-day report, and the 60 days had not elapsed since receiving their single Tetrasil injection.

As this invention may be embodied in several forms without departing from the spirit or essential characteristics thereof, the present embodiments are therefore illustrative and not restrictive, since the scope of the invention is defined by the appended claims rather than by the description preceding them, and all changes that fall within the metes and bounds of the claims or that form their functional as well as conjointly cooperative equivalents, are therefore intended to be embraced by these claims.

Response from Dr. Frascino


Gosh, you mean AIDS has been curable since 1997!!! Wow, why didn't anyone tell me??? Dude, wake up and smell the Starbucks.

  1. "So is this all rubbish as well???" Yes, absolute pure unadulterated rubbish.
  1. "Should we just dismiss it???" Absofrickinlutely. Anyone with a modicum of common sense dismissed it long ago.

I'll reprint below some of my previous comments about this "cure." And just in case you want a second opinion, I'll include an archival post from Dr. Pierone as well.

As always, you're more than welcome to "believe" whatever you like, but remember, that doesn't change reality and the reality is that this claim of an AIDS cure is that it is pure bullshit.

Dr. Bob

Imusil Introvenously (THE CURE FOR AIDS) May 1, 2008

Hi Doc

I hear that Tetrasil/Imusil is the cure for HIV/AIDS. Why is this product and information being withheld from us? We need a cure, I feel that all victims are being cheated out of this? Why does BIG PHARMA do this to us? I am rapidly losing faith in the FDA and their murdering medications! Why are they milking us of our money, and killing us with their hopeless medications? Wheres the cure doc? I'm not look for a smart arse answer either, Im looking for an honest one.

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hi, You "heard that Tetrasil/Imusil is the cure for HIV/AIDS"?????? Well slap my butt and call me a Republican. By golly that's such good news!!! Certainly because you "heard" it, it's just got to be true, right????

You want an honest answer? OK! Here you go: Do you really think you are the only one of us who would like a safe and effective cure for AIDS??? Do you really think that if such a cure existed, I, Magic Johnson and 40,000,000 others around the world wouldn't demand it be made available? Do you think that insurance companies and the U.S. Government that are paying high costs for HIV treatment wouldn't demand "the cure" be made available! Do you really think "BIG PHARMA" could prevent "the cure" from being distributed? You may be rapidly losing faith in the FDA and their "murdering medications," but I can tell you if it were not for the availability of those very same medications I wouldn't be here today addressing nonsensical rants like yours! I'd suggest you rent on Netflix the PBS documentary "Age of AIDS." It chronicles the first 25 years of the epidemic. (It was not made by Big Pharma!) Perhaps it will give you a more realistic perspective on the epidemic.

Returning now to your question, "where's the cure?" It doesn't exist! At least not yet. (You can read my comments about finding the cure in the archives.)

As for tetrasilver tetroxide (Tetrasil/Imusil), it is not a cure for HIV/AIDS or anything else as far as I can tell. The proposed mechanism of action is science fiction. It makes absolutely no sense to anyone who understands science (or has basic common sense). Silver ions do not "fire electric charges" any more than they dance the rumba. Proponents of this snake oil obviously do not understand the most basic principles of chemistry, physics, pharmacology or medicine. There is not even a theoretical basis for these outlandish claims of a cure!

I'll reprint below some posts from the archives that discuss colloidal silver therapy.

I realize you may consider my response to be a "smart arse answer," but as it turns out my arse is indeed much smarter than your moronic question and ludicrous assumptions!

Dr. Bob

Colloidal Silver vs. HIV meds ? May 18, 2003

Dr. Frascino, I've read about Colloidal Silver incredible powers and some hiv+ people swear by it. They claim it keeps their VL down substantially to almost un-detecatble levels. Couple of spoons of this liquid a day and they are almost free of any HIV meds. What is your opinion about this ancient medication(recently improved creation process to obtain more silver particles)? Thank you a bunch for your most valuable answer :)

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello :)

And I read that chewing on the horn of a rhinoceros will make your penis grow and additional 3 inches. And "some people swear by it!"

There is a good rule to follow when you hear about these miraculous cures and treatments: "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!" I do hope you find this answer helpful, because colloidal silvers affect on HIV isnt!!!

Id now recommend you immediately cancel both orders the rhino horn and the colloidal silver, even though for a limited time only, "they" are offering a 6-month supply for the price of only 3 months with a money-back guarantee and a free Chia Pet if you are one of the first 1000 people to order!

Save your money and stay posted to this website for real stories regarding evolving and new treatments.

Stay well.

Dr. Bob

Kills HIV virus: follow up Mar 8, 2007

Please people, don't believe everything you hear/read. Collodal silver is a disinfectant, yes, but so is bleach, and i don't see you pumping that in your veins or drinking gallons of it. By the way: virusses don't have a metabolism - senso stricto they're just clumps of proten, fat and sugar that are totally dependent on a host to perform their replication. So crap about colloidal silver reacting with enzymes involven in aerobic metabolism cannot be correct in the case of virusses. I'm a scientist, have seen great things about colloidal silver (in combination with other disinfectants it's really good), but that doesn't mean it's safe in our bodies. Actually, you can google some nice pictures of people who took this colloidal silver fad too far, and now have a distinctly metallic hue to their skintone... Be sceptical, trust these good doctors. And remember: first of all, do no harm when looking for alternative therapies.

Response from Dr. Frascino


Thanks for your input and common sense.

Dr. Bob

Kills HIV virus? (Mar 6, 2007)

Dr. Franscino,

Its great to be back and ask you a few more questions. I thank you for your sympathy and support toward people with HIV.

I have been reading for quite some time that colloidal silver reportedly disables the enzyme that one-celled bacteria, viruses and fungi need for their oxygen metabolism. They suffocate without corresponding harm occurring to human enzymes or parts of the human body chemistry. The result is the destruction of disease-causing organisms in the body and in the food. Though, there is a debate of what concentration does actually kill the virus.

I know pharmaceutical companies dont want to hear this (too much money involved), and of course Doctors are bombarded with pharmaceutical reps giving them the "latest and best" drug out there and inviting them to dinner meetings and so on. So basically, when doctors see a symptom, they prescribe the medicine that Pharm reps trained them on.

My question to you is, how truthful is that colloidal silver kills HIV? Has the medical industry tested it before discarding it? Or is this something that the medical community is not interested in due to loss of patients?

I fervently await your response.


Response from Dr. Frascino

Hi Jean,

I haven't changed my opinion on this since the last time I mentioned it in these forums. (See below.)

Having just returned form a major HIV/AIDS conference in Los Angeles, I can assure you there is no new information to support the use of colloidal silver in HIV-positive folks. As for the medical community not being interested due to "loss of patients," I, for one, would not recommend unproven therapies for exactly that reason. However, you and I may be defining "loss" somewhat differently!

Dr. Bob

unproven (Aug 23, 2006)

My friend knows a doctor who performs collidial silver injections. I was shown the results on a few patients who had low cd4s and viral loads. although this is not fda approved what do you think?

thanks, mike

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Mike,

What do I think?

I think colloidal silver injections are a very bad and potentially dangerous alternative therapy. To my knowledge there is not a shred of scientific evidence that supports using this product for HIV/AIDS. The reason the FDA hasn't approved it is because it doesn't work.

Mike, this is definitely a case of "buyer beware." I'd avoid the stuff like the plague.

Dr. Bob

Tetrasilver Tetroxide (US Patent #5,676,977) Feb 24, 2004

Dear Dr. Pierone, MD.

Recently you were asked online about the possibility that Tetrasilver Tetroxide was patented as a "cure" for AIDS/HIV. Your response was that it was a pesticide with "little hope" and you gave an EPA reference.

I would invite you to look at Dr. Marvin S. Antelman's background as a world renowned chemist, who patented the Tetrasilver, and now Tetracopper, TetraCobolt, (there are many other) Tetroxides multivalent crystal redox well as USPTO Patents pertaining to these devices as to their pharmaceutical efficacy against bacteria, fungus and viruses. Because these novel devices are miniature reduction/oxidation devices that have polyvalent cations in their crystall latices, they posess unique electrical activity, and activity against pathogens, unlike the mechanism of action of other anti-virals aimed at fusion inhibition or viral replication via those target sites (eg. cell surface receptors, GP41/GP120 or transcriptases) or the terrible toxic-poisons known as nucleoside-derivates...AZT might as well be the HIV equivalent to Uracil Mustard.

In your expert medical opinions, before to discount Ag404, Could you please review USPTO Patents (5,676,977)(6,645,531)(5,571,520) (5,336,499) & (6,258,385)...all relevant on Imusil (infusion) and Tetrasil(Tetrasil marketed as a topical ointment)..both're previous reference to the EPA compound was one of Dr. Antelman's earlier compounds used as an agent against bacteria in water sources. These newer compounds are formulated and being tested in vitro/vivo against HIV, Herpses, and other viral agents and bacteria and have shown great efficacy against the virus and associated infections in AIDS patients. You can contact Dr. Marvin S. Antelman yourself as well at the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot, Israel.

I think its important to look at the data, the science, and the real possibility that the antivirals on the market including Fuzeon (Trimeris) may have a unique competitor that has fewer toxic effects, and a wide spectral activity against many human pathogens.

I would love to see/hear your response after reading thru those patents... If you would like to rephrase the reply to your last questionaire that it "doesn't look promising" after more thorough research, that would be delightful.

Not only is it "promising", it appears to work.

Best, Mark

Response from Dr. Pierone

I first thought that Tetrasil was just another harmless and ineffective treatment promoted by herb merchants. The patent reports are beyond imagination and show that this is really scary stuff!

Data are presented with intravenous infusions of Tetrasil in a clinic in Honduras for people with the "candidiasis etiological category of AIDS". Well, did they have HIV at all? One would never know from this "research report".

"All were terminal, some, however, were in moderate condition, and others in poor" What is this nonsense about terminal AIDS patients?

"...indicates whether hepatomegaly occurred. This was an unfortunate consequence of the treatment which resulted in enlarged livers in all patients except the second one" Unfortunate, indeed!

As I read this patent report detailing the "cure" or AIDS with Tetrasil my overwhelming sense was that the evidence presented would fail a 5th grade science project. But beyond that, the studies detailed were unethical to the exteme.

Stay away from this stuff like the plague!

See excepts below:

Five patients afflicted with AIDS of the candidiasis etiological category were segregated for Tetrasil treatment. The rationale for selecting them was based on facts presented in an article by Peter H. Duesberg and Brian J. Ellison entitled "Is The AIDS Virus A Science Fiction?" (Policy Review, Summer 1990 pp. 40-51).

Only the factual presentations of the article were utilized and the hypothesis of the authors was ignored. The facts presented in the article related to the method of selecting AIDS patients based on the five aforementioned etiological subgroups targeted by the CDC, and the evidence presented, that there is AIDS without HIV as well as with it so that an anti-viral agent in most instances will not necessarily restore the immunity system.

Evaluations with Tetrasil were conducted on AIDS patients at Lucha Contra el Sida, Comayaguela, Honduras. The patients two weeks prior to inoculation were removed from their AZT, AIDS therapy. Tetrasil was administered at approximately 40 PPM of blood volume per patient as a suspension in a proprietary buffer solution (pH=6.5), supplied by Holipharm Corporation.

The results of evaluations with candidiasis are tabulated in Table I under its disease category. All patients evaluated were terminal. Some, however, were in moderate (m) condition and others in poor (p) as designated in the Table. The I and F designations refer to initial and final values as shown. WBC indicates white cell blood count. The H column, following CD 8, indicates whether hepatomegaly occurred. This was an unfortunate consequence of the treatment which resulted in enlarged livers in all patients except the second one. Despite hepatomegaly, there was no interference with liver function.