My fiance has contracted HIV. We started using condoms and after sex my outer vaginal lips would burn and also blistered and also burned when I urinated. I am not allegic to latex, tested, we changed condoms, and the condoms we have used have premium lubrcant with out noxinal 9 My limph nods are enlarged and we have not had any sex for three weeks and it still burns. It would burn after he had oral sex on me and after I made myself orgasm. Been on several vaginal medicines along with steroids cream. Nothing helps and my gyno can not figure it out. had a culture on one of the blisters, told it was a calouse, I do not have HIV or any STD's I am at my witts end and wonder if this has been an issue before with anyone else. Please help very frustrated. Thank you


Hello there- I'm afraid it sounds like you may need to see a specialist to help you with this one. There are some illnesses that can cause ulcers to develop on the vagina and would require a specialist to make this diagnosis. Some are linked to other systemic illnesses and I unfortunately cannot make the diagnosis by just your email. I would remain hopeful that someone can help you and that your frustration will be short lived. Talk to your GYN and ask for a referral. Take care,