Hi! I was vaccinated against HBV on 2 occaisons a month a part of each other. I am to repeat for the third and last time in exactly 5 months. So, am I immune fully, and if not to what extent I am immune to HBV after receiving the second vacine. I was told by medical personnel that it is already safe after 2nd vacine. Is it true? Moreover, I am not automatically protected from Hep A, since have not taken combined Hep A&B vacine? Is it true that I can still get infected by A in lets say sauna or bathroom or if I am there with possibly infected individual? What is a danger to acquire STD in such places as sauna? or even HIV? THANKS IN ADVANCE!


Hepatitis B vaccine is administered 3 times over a period of 6 months. There is no guarantee that you have antibodies to it after 2 shots. However, about 90% of people do develop antibodies after 3 shots. Hepatitis A requires a different vaccine or one that is combined with hepatitis B. By itself hepatitis A requires just two shots 6 months apart and is also very likely to be successful. Get Vaccinated! DTD