UTI caused by unprotected sex?


My boyfriend and I always have unprotected sex. I am on the pill, so he always ejaculates inside of me. Recently I had a really bad urinary tract infection. I went to the doctor and she tested my urine and said I had a uti. She put me on some antibiotics and in a week it went away. Was the urinary infection cause by me having unprotected sex? Also should I get checked out to see if it could be early symptons for an STD. Please help me Im scared.


A urinary tract infection diagnosis, strictly speaking, means that you do not have a sexually transmitted infection. This is usually determined by ruling out gonorrhea and chlamydia infections through testing. Regardless, you should talk with your doctor to clear up any uncertainty.

Urinary tract infections are common among sexually active women. While the causes of UTIs are not well understood, they are most likely caused through bacteria (E. coli) from the gastrointestinal tract coming into contact with the urethra. This can occur when feces from the anus come into contact with the urethra during sex or when wiping after a bowel movement. There is some speculation that use of diaphragms or spermicidal foams increase the risk of UTIs in women.

Some prevention recommendations: urinate after sex, avoid vaginal intercourse when the penis comes into contat with the anus, clean the vaginal area before sex, wipe from front to back after a bowel movement, don't resist the urge to urinate, avoid scented douches, and drink plenty of water.