Which would they use? HIV testing and insurance


I'm not sure that it would matter, but if an insurance company were going to give an HIV test, and the paramedical took both blood and urine samples, which would they use to perform the test?

If they use blood, do they do an EIA typically, or do they try to further protect themselves by doing something like a P24 or both?

Are there any insurance companies that do not do HIV screenings?

Thank you! Happy holidays!


The blood would be used to do the HIV test. It doesn't matter which assay they would use; the results would be the same. Generally they don't do a P24 test; it costs money.

I am not aware of any life, medical or health insurance companies that do not do HIV screenings. The only insurance I've ever applied for that did not require an HIV test was auto insurance, earthquake insurance and homeowners' insurance!