U.S. Women Living With HIV: Tell PWN-USA About Your Love Life!!

PWN Heart

Positive Women's Network - USA is conducting a community-based research project to better understand the romantic and sexual lives of US women living with HIV, and how HIV-positive women, including transgender women, perceive ourselves with regard to sex and relationships.

We understand the complicated impact an HIV diagnosis can have on a woman's identity as a sexual or reproductive being and as a partner or potential partner, and that this may have consequences for many other aspects of her life.

We believe that understanding HIV-positive women's lives, including our intimate lives, our experiences of and attitudes towards our body, and the ways we construct relationships
-- whether we are single, married, or partnered -- is critical to much of the advocacy we take on.

To better grasp the complexity of these issues, and their implications for health care access, service delivery, new prevention technologies, and more, PWN-USA has designed a survey for US-based HIV-positive women, including transgender women. This survey was created by a team of 10 diverse women living with HIV.

The survey will take approximately 45 minutes to complete. Incentives are available. While the information being collected may be very personal, your responses are completely anonymous. As appreciation for your time completing the survey, we will send you a $20 gift certificate (details on how to get the gift certificate are provided at the end of the survey).

If you are a woman living with HIV in the US, please take the survey here, and then spread the word to other HIV-positive women you know!

The survey is available at: www.tinyurl.com/SRHpwnsurvey

In sisterhood, solidarity and love,

Positive Women's Network - USA