Urine testing while using Viread


Hi Drs. Young/ Mc Gowan. My current cocktail consists of Viread, Isentress and Viracept. So far, my eGFR ranges from 80-91. My Cholesterol is 205, all other blood tests are WNL. VL- <20-60 copies/ml and CD4- 371. Weight- 137 @ 5'6" white Male, no diabetes or HBP. I just had a urinalysis done...which was normal. Being concerned about possible kidney damage from the Viread, how often should I have a urinalysis done? Every 6 months or once a year?


Hi and thanks for posting.

Seems like you're on the right path. Yes, people on tenofovir should be mindful of their kidney (and IMHO, bone) health.

With a GFR usually below 90, you fall into the rather common group of people with minor decreases, but without evidence of protein in your urine (proteinuria). TheNational Renal Association has a nice table that outlines these stages. It's good that your doctor is measuring your kidney function by both blood and urine. I usually check the urine annually, unless there's a problem. Then a measurement of microscopic albumin (or urine albumin/creatinine ratio) helps determine things more quantitatively.

Hope that helps. BY