Urgent Shanoon Mam Its Urgent pls


32 hrs ago i was in a stip bar , and i ws fully Druk and took the stripper home , We had french kisses open mouth , and she gave a a blow job , i was hardly errected and did not cumm , i recall i had a cut in my lower lip may be a day before this Kissing , my questions are 1- my risk out of this un protected Blow job . 2- My risk out of this french kissing bearing in mind i had a cut in my lower lip a day before . 3- Do i need to take PEP or PREP Pls advise


Hi The risk of HIV transmission with oral sex is extremely low. It is even reasonable to state that for the person receiving oral sex (that is on whom oral sex is being performed) the risk of acquisition of the virus is practically zero. For the person placing his or her mouth on someone else's genitals, the risk may be slightly higher but still very very low. Theoretically, obvious cuts, wounds, sores, or infections in the mouth could raise this risk. But relatively speaking this is still considered to be a low-risk sexual activity as the mouth is not a hospitable place for the HIV virus. Please note that other sexually transmitted infections are readily spread via oral contact and you may need to be checked for these.

You cannot get HIV from kissing. Yes granted a cut on your lip could increase the risk some, but she would also have to have a cut and you both have active bleeding. HIV is not transmitted through saliva. It does pose a risk for other infections such as herpes.

Be well and stay safe, Shannon