Hi Doctor. 55 yrs Old. Diagnosed january 2017. Infected in the Last 18 months. First Labs came: Cd4 417, 29%, VL 31700.ready and willing to start treatemnt. Question is: with those bad Counts , can i afford the luxury of wait ing 5 extra weeks? I need the extra time due to travel and other personal issues. Triumeq seems one the best options? (NEGATIVE to Hba 5701 allele). And Last question: at my age, is it Still possible to see CD4 Increaeses?


Hello and thanks for posting.

It's widely recommended to start HIV treatment as soon as possible after diagnosis. There are a number of reasons for this, including getting lost to follow up (and therefore further delaying initiation), health risks (which increase the lower one's CD4 count is) and risks of transmission to others (while your viral load is >1000; reduced to uninfectious when you're on effective treatment).

Given that your CD4 count is near normal (the percentage is just below the lower limit of normal) and your viral load is not high (~50,000 is the average, values over 100,000 are considered "high"), waiting a few weeks to start isn't going to be a significant issue.

Having said that, the medication that you're care provider has recommended (Triumeq) is an excellent (and recommended) one and rarely associated with any side effects. If the reason not to start is for concern about having side effects while traveling, this knowledge should be helpful.

As for CD4 increases, while older people tend to have smaller numerical increases compared with younger people, I'd still expect your counts to improve over time.

I hope that this was helpful and write back and share your treatment experiences with your readers. BY