Urethra or Shaft


Dear Ryan,

Thank you so much to your previous reply, you are so efficient. What I would like to find out from you is that the HIV is likely to enter the system more from contact with the urethra or the shaft? Because I might have had a bit of vaginal fluid contact with my shaft while taking off my condom. What I heard is that it has to be through the urethra that the virus will travel and cause HIV. Which is more likely? Secondly can the cough related to the first few weeks of HIV be all phelgm related, my is not dry cough.

Thank you so much.


The urethra is lined with mucous membranes through which HIV can be transmitted. The shaft of the penis is covered by skin through which HIV cannot penetrate (as long as there are no sores or lesions on the penis).

The literature does not identify cough or phlegm as a major symptom commonly experienced in primary HIV infection.