upper back pain...HIV symptom??


(1)im 22. 5'11.. 130 lbs..22 yrs old. after i had unsafe sex w/ a woman. the following day i suddenly felt swelling or sore or burn sensation at my upper back for 5 days.. on the 6th day my upper back is aching (particularly my back ribs) and still hot sometimes when i touch it. what do you call on this symptom??? (2)also on the 5th day, my tongue has white something... and a white lines(nerve like)inside my mouth... what do u call this symptom??? (3)on the 6th and 7th day.. my back still aching (back ribs) and my front neck feels little cold or sweaty at times. whats your perception on this doc?? pls reply or post it on this site. thanks (im still presently on the 7th day after the exposure right now.)


That would be highly unlikely to be related to HIV infection. Most likely it would be a muscle or tendon sprain/injury. I would have a good primary care doc take a look at you if the symptoms persist for another week or so.