UPDATE - No test needed, I know I'm positive.



Just wanted to give you an update...I wrote to you about not needing to be tested b/c my symptoms are too much like ARS to be anything else after performing oral sex on another man in a club...Anyways, I had a test at 41 days come back negative which I know is not definitive....I am still very worried because my symptoms are still here...recurring aphthous ulcers on the tips of my tongue, frequent diarrhea, fatigue, and lateley a slight sore throat and muscle aches. I am now 9.5 weeks past exposure and waiting to test again at 3 months and then 6 months b/c of my high risk exposure (performing orally on a man of unknown status). Its hard because I am now back at college and while everyone else gets into a normal routine I continue to worry about this. I haven't felt healthy since this exposure, I require more sleep every night and am always tired. Just wanted to give you an update.


Hello again,

Your 41-day HIV test came back negative??? WOW! What a surprise!!! (In reality you are the only one who would be surprised by such a predictable result.)

You're still "very worried???" Now, there's a shocker! I would have never guessed that!

You feel you had a "high risk exposure," because you performed oral sex on a dude with unknown HIV status!?!? Hmmm . . . . You obviously haven't been paying attention to the advice I've been providing, nor have you reviewed the information on this site and in its archives as I suggested! Oral sex is not high risk, even if you decide to blow the entire varsity football team.

Dude, your 41-day negative test is very encouraging. All you need is a three-month test to confirm what we all (except you) highly suspect: that you are HIV negative.

Your symptoms are related to guilt, anxiety and depression. I urge you seek the help of a psychologist or psychiatrist to help with these conditions and to confront your unwarranted and irrational fears of being HIV positive. I'll reprint your original post below, as well as my assessment and advice, which remain completely unchanged.

Dr. Bob

No test needed, I know I'm positive Aug 15, 2007


I performed oral sex on another man of unknown status while drunk in the bathroom of a night club...a guy as promiscuous as that just has to be HIV positive, don't you think?? Anyways, my symptoms are so consistent with HIV that I don't even think I need to be tested...fatigue, diarrhea almost every day, and the worst - tongue ulcers that started two weeks after exposue and are still here six weeks later!!!! I have already decided this is way too much a coincidence to be anything but HIV. What are your thoughts?

Response from Dr. Frascino


Here we go again! Another anxious wreck who feels he doesn't need to get an HIV test, because he "knows" he is positive. Gosh, with insight like that, you must work for the psychic hotline or the Bush administration.

Let me show you just one example of how ridiculously wrong your assumptions can be. You report you performed oral sex on a guy of unknown status in a bathroom of a nightclub. You state the guy "just has to be HIV positive," because he was so promiscuous as to be having casual sex in the men's room at Babylon. Well, drama queen, think again. Who was on the other end of that throbbing tallywhacker??? That's right. It was you lapping up the load of baby batter. So why are you assuming your Badda Bing boy-toy is an HIV-infected sex fiend? Couldn't he be thinking the exact thing about you?

Next, your "symptoms" are much more consistent with anxiety than with HIV! Symptoms, no matter what they are, do not equal HIV disease. Get a grip!

My thoughts? Well, they are exactly the same as for the last hundred or so freaked-out dudes who were absolutely convinced they had "every symptom in the book" and "were 100% sure" they were HIV infected without bothering to get an HIV test. I think it's time for you to grow up, face reality and stop all this nonsense. I think you need to read through the archives of this forum. Yes, all of them! Then, if you feel you've placed yourself at risk, you should get a rapid HIV test at the three-month mark. Finally, I think once you test negative, as undoubtedly you will, you should write back to me so I can include your testimonial with the other gazillion nearly identical tales of woe and ultimate enlightenment (and WOO-HOO-ment). Those are my thoughts!

I'll be waiting.

Dr. Bob