Update from Broken Condom in Bangkok Guy (September)


Update on Broken Condom in Bangkok Guy!

Hi Dr Bob, As promised just writing back with to say thanks for your support and answering my first post on the subject back in September. Well the 3 months is up and I had the results and its woo hoos all round. Thank you so much for you kind words of support, important advice and reassurance back when the incident happened.

I would just like to provide this feedback to anyone else who has had a genuine / proper exposure through a sexual encounter or otherwise. Not just slipping on a used condom in the street or touching the breast of a stripper in the strip joint because you may have had a cut on your finger and she could have been lactating :-)!

  1. Always tell your partner what you have done and what the possible consequences are. People use the counter argument it just relieves your own guilt. Not true, how guilty would you feel if you never told them and passed on HIV how would you feel then. I told my wife and sure enough it wasnt pleasant but she eventually forgave me and although we had to use condoms for the first time ever, I knew I had done the right thing and positive or negative I would have to cope with the consequences of my error but I wouldnt have passed it on.
  2. Try not to think about it I know its hard but during your 3 month wait you can have just about every symptom in the book, I did! But symptoms mean nothing its all down to the wire whilst you wait for your results
  3. Learn from your mistakes we are all human and I am sure that 80% of the people on this forum blame it on I was drunk. Well in our case I made a promise to my wife that the only time I would go out and get wrecked was when we were together!

Anyway lecture over from a guy thats been there done that and got the T shirt and hell do I not want to do it again

Thanks a million Bob and I hope you and your partner have a great Christmas and a Happy Christmas too to all of the readers of this excellent Forum! Martin


Hello Martin,

Thanks for taking the time to write back and share your newfound insights. WOO-HOO!

Be well. Stay well. Noel!

Dr. Bob