unusual fatigue(please help!)


Dear Dr. Bob:

This is my second time writing in and I don't know who to turn to. I found your forum and I am instantly a big fan. Here is my problem. Two weeks ago today, I had an encounter with a "high-priced" escort and my condom broke. I asked her of her HIV status and she said it was negative as per her PCR-DNA test at the end of September. However, it is two weeks gone by now and i am starting to feel like a sore throat is coming on, my left groin area is kind of sore, and I seem to be developing a cold. Last week i had a few canker sores that have since went away. I also have been unusually tired the past week...i go home and just go to sleep after work. I am a 23-year old male who used to work out all of the time...but since this happened i stopped. I also suffer from high anxiety(am on prescription paxil 20mg)and this situation is stressing me out so much that it has become overwhelming. I am just seeking some advice from an expert and no one seems to be more of one than you. I plan to get the PCR-DNA test at 28 days to get my status but as the time comes closer I am getting even more frightened. Are these symptoms of Accute HIV or is it all in my head? Thanks a lot and God Bless.



Hello MC,

Your symptoms are not suggestive of acute HIV seroconversion. Go ahead and get tested. The odds are very much in your favor that you'll be negative. More than likely, your anxiety over this situation is inducing your symptoms. So get that tired butt back to the gym. No excuses! If the condom breaks or you have another exposure in the future, consider getting PEP - Post-Exposure Prophylaxis. This must be started within 72 hours to be most effective.

OK, enough moping around. Get up, lace up those Nikes, and pick out your best tank top. I'll see you at the gym!

Dr. Bob