Unprotected vaginal oral sex after brushing teeth?


Hi doctor,

I am really scarred and have had a lot of anxiety lately about this issue to the point that it has been difficult for me to go about my daily tasks. I am female and had a one night stand with a man almost 6 weeks ago. He used a condom, however we had unprotected oral sex. He went down on me for a few mintues of so. I am really affraid of contracting HIV because I am pretty sure he brushed his teeth before we had sex. When we were kissing he was sucking pretty hard on my lips and I did not taste any blood. I did not have any cuts in my mouth that I am aware of.

Also we started fooling around in the shower before we had actual sex. He thrusted his unprotected penis between my thighs. He may have touched the lips of my vagina, but I don't really remember..It was pretty quick. Then he ejaculated on my stomach. I rinsed it off with my hand, washed my hands with soap, and then started to wash the makeup off my face with soap. I might have touched the inside of my eyes. Is it possible to have gotten HIV this way even after washing my hands with soap?

About 5 days ago I woke up with a sore throat from post nasal drip that is most likely a sinus infection...I am assuming because I had
yellowish/green flem. I did not have a fever or any other symptoms that seem related to HIV. One of the nights I woke up a little sweaty but I was also well covered with blankets and it was about 80 degrees in the room all night. The sinus congestion and sore throat have mostly gone away, now at the end of the week. However I also know a few people that have these cold symptoms at the moment. I started to think to myself well..if my immunity is low enough that I got a cold in the middle of southern california weather, then if I did contract HIV I probably would have more extreme symptoms and for a longer time period. What are your thoughts on this? Can one get a cold such as mine and still be HIV positive with in the given time frame of having sex? I have not had symptoms of any other kind of STD that I know of. I have a little whitish discharge almost daily, which is normal for me. I've had it checked by gynocologists in the past and it's been fine. I haven't had any genital itching or rashes. What are the odds that I may be HIV positive? I am affraid because the man I had sex with has had many partners, though he told me he always uses a condom..not sure if I believe that. Should I get tested at this point? Thanks so much for your help and advice. I am really greatful that the world has people like you that have dedicated their lives to helping issues like these. I am planning on donating to your foundation soon!

Warm Regards


I do not think any of these events led to transmission of HIV. If you need more than my word, get tested now and again in 4 weeks. If the first is negative, I bet the second one will be too.