Unprotected sex between two positive, undetectable partners?


My partner and I are both positive. I contracted the virus from him four years ago. We have been on Stocrin (reduced to 400 mg) and generic Tenofovir/ETC for almost four years. Our lab results are consistently undetectable, with good CD4 levels (above 300). We are co-infected with Hep B but viral load is also under control.

I am wondering if it is okay for us to have unprotected anal sex with each other (should there be sex outside of the relationship, we are protected). Is there a chance to get a superinfection doing this? Or is it okay for us, provided our lab results always come out good?


Good for you and your partner for taking care of your health, and one another. It's important to always consult with your doctor about any changes in medical and sexual decisions. But the bottom line on superinfection is that is a very uncommon event, especially when the two partners carry the same virus.

According to Dr Joel Gallant who replied to a similar question last year: "First, both of you have undetectable viral loads. As long as they remain that way, neither of you is going to transmit HIV to the other. Second, you may be infected with the same virus. Third, HIV superinfection is a pretty uncommon event."

Ultimately, it's your decision what you do with your own body. But on the continuum of risks that life poses, it seems that superinfection is pretty low. Enjoy!