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DEAR Dr Bob. hope you are doing well. i had unprotected sex with a girl i met in a bar 4 times in one night, in 2007 June ......i got tested for hiv in February 2008 which came out negative i had all the symptoms of hiv swollen soft axillary lymph nodes(still swollen armpits), which are sweaty and lumpy ,swollen groin lymph nodes(still swollen),white tongue ,fatigue ,fevers,etc etc...i thank god the result came out negative but again i had 3 drunken episodes of sex with prostitutes after that all protected lasting 5 mins without cummin inside them and also one unprotected oral blow j. doctor bob till today and its almost Jan 2009 my swollen lymph nodes have not gone back to normal in fact now i have swollen tonsils( swollen neck nodes) which are called sublimandary lymph nodes i think.these 3 generalized swelling is 100% , my question is do you think my hiv testing was inaccurate it happened in dubai where hiv people r kicked out and testing is compulsary every year for visa renewal thats how i got tested negative a year after the 4 times unprotected sex ,or have i got or can i get hiv from these exposers which i just mentioned. i have been worrying since 2007 doctor ,please let me know what else can cause these generalized swelling to last for almost 2 yrs now. i am thinkin what if it took time for my hiv to be developed or caught hiv from the mentioned exposers ,or what else could have caused my generalised lymph nodes for someone who never had them.. i hope you reply thank you



Did a physician examine you and advise you that your lymph nodes were swollen? I'm willing to hazard a guess that did not occur and you are self-diagnosing your lymphadenopathy (abnormally swollen lymph glands), right? Yeah, I thought so. OK, so if you are performing your own medical examination and diagnosing abnormalities, could you please let me know what medical school you graduated from? See my point? If you are not a physician, you really have no idea what a normal submandibular lymph node should feel like, let alone be able to identify an abnormal gland. I'll make a couple quick points:

  1. Your negative HIV test eight months after your "4 times in one night" unprotected sex-perience (impressive, by the way) is definitive and conclusive. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how.

  2. Your subsequent three bouts of drunken sex were all protected. Protected sex is not an HIV risk if the latex condom is used properly and does not fail (break). The unprotected blowjob carries only a very minimal risk for HIV acquisition.

  3. If you are worried about swollen lymph glands or any other symptoms, see your doctor for an evaluation. There are literally thousands of medical conditions that can cause swollen glands.

  4. If you remain worried about HIV or feel you've placed yourself at risk again, get an HIV test three months or more after your last exposure. It really is just that straightforward. Continuing to worry for two years makes no sense whatsoever when you can get a conclusive, definitive answer with a simple test.

Thank you for your donation to the Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation (www.concertedeffort.org). I'm very confident your HIV status is negative.

Good luck. Be well. Remember to play safe to avoid future worries!

Dr. Bob