Unprotected sex with other HIV poz guys


Since I told guys that Im poz. I been invated to parties or orgies with other poz guys. Having sex with other poz guys without condoms is it safe? or make it worst? I havent been to one yet but Im curious to attend. Since I dont have sex since I learned I'm poz becuse I'm afraid to infect the other person even with using protection. thank you.



There are two important reasons poz-poz barebacking is a bad idea:

  1. The risk of superinfection (dual infection). You could acquire a different, more aggressive, more drug-resistant strain of HIV. You can read about this in the archives.

  2. You could acquire another STD (syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, genital warts, etc.). A second STD could cause your HIV to flare.

Whether you're positively charged or a neggie, safer sex techniques (condoms) remain essential.

Stay safe. Stay well.

Dr. Bob