I had an unprotected sex with an Hiv + case on HAART


Dr. please i am really confused. i had an unprotected sex with a source person on HAART. this was only a one time sex but we kissed deeply. so i realised that she was a case 23hrs later and i took her same regimen of Tenofovir, Lamivudine and Effavirenz as PEP. i don't know if it was the correct decision? and what are the chances that i might have contracted the disease?


Hello and thanks for posting.

If your sex partner was on HAART and had an undetectable viral load, your risk is very low.

The results of the
PARTNER Study showed that no cases of HIV transmission from a positive with an undetectable viral load occurred after following about 45,000 sex acts (about 1/3 without condoms).

Adding a PEP regimen to your situation only further decreases the estimated risk of HIV transmission.

Hope that's helpful, BY