Had unprotected sex 7 weeks ago


Please help I'm 24 years old female,and i had unprotected sex once on Nov 19th.. with the guy that i was dating for 2 months.Week later i went for my pap smear and i was tested for Chlamydia and Gonococcus both came back NEGATIVE..(Maybe it was too early to get tested for Chlamydia???)2 weeks later i went back because i had pain in my overies and burning during urination,( i also had runny nose for about 3 days )so they did some test and i tested positive to Gardnerella vaginalis..(took meds for a week) Then i didn't have any more problems till about a week ago..I got severe sore throat that will not go away,stiff shoulder and again burning while urinating..I'M GOING CRAZYYYY...I just got tested for HIV 6 weeks after unproteced intercouse and came back negative.(EIA AB SCREEN) .I'M SO SCEARD everytime i google symptoms results are HIV symtoms i'm going crazyy cant sleep at night i can't eat i'm so woried..Now i have to test back in 5 weeks((( i'm gonna have heart attack by than)))



It seems you are learning a very important lesson the hard way. Unprotected sex is not worthy the potential catastrophic consequences.

It is true that having unprotected sex placed you at some degree of risk for STDs, including HIV. That you have tested negative out to six weeks is extremely encouraging, but not yet conclusive. You'll need to wait for the three-month mark for that. In the interim, there are several things you could or should do:

  1. If you are still in touch with your November fling-thing guy, you could ask him to get a rapid HIV test. If he tests negative, you'll be able to relax considerably. (He should be out of his window period, even if he was recently infected in November.)

  2. Follow up with your gynecologist regarding your burning-with-urination symptom.

  3. Follow up with your general medical doctor regarding your persistent sore throat and stiff shoulder.

  4. Stop Googling symptoms and spend more time reviewing safer sex techniques and HIV-prevention methods so that you'll never have to endure this type of experience ever again.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob