unprotected sex.


Dear Doctor.my name is addo from Ghana.i am deadly worried and paranoid.i have unprotected sex with a sex worker here in europe.after few days,i stared having problem in urinating and some whitish things coming out of ym penis.so it was called gonorrhea in the hospital and i got treatment for it and i am fine,but i am so worried because of hiv test that i ahve to do.the sex lasted for about 1 to 2 minutes.after some weeks,i noticed that i go to urinate almost every 2 hours,for this i can really sleep.so,i wanna know if frequent urinate is hiv symptom after 4 weeks of exposure?and what are my chances sine the sex didn't last even up to 2 mins?though i test for hiv after 7 days of hiv with icma lab,but it was nagetive and i will do anohter test by the middle of next month as my doctor said.so please tell me my chances and since the sex was 2 mins and i didnt do it hard,i was already weak or rather wanna release befor i go inside her and just about 1 minute to 2 minutes,i came out.so what are my chances.and is hiv still a death threat? i am so happy for people like you,i have read alot here and i must say that you such a wonderful man.


Hello Addo from Ghana,

Unprotected sex, even for only two minutes, does place you at some degree of risk for STDs, including HIV. Gonorrhea (and many other STDs) is much easier to contract than HIV. Frequent urination is not a symptom of HIV disease; however, you should still get an HIV-antibody test at the three-month mark.

HIV/AIDS remains incurable; however, we have made great strides in treatment. And many HIVers are doing very well on combination antiretroviral therapy.

An important point, however, is that although HIV/AIDS remains 100% terminal, it's also 100% preventable! I hope this experience has taught you that the thrill of unprotected sex is not worth the potentially catastrophic consequences.

Good luck! Stay safe. Stay Well.

Dr. Bob