unprotected sex for 3 min. and getting tested


Doc, it has been 15 days since my last sexual encounter with my girlfriend of 2 months. And it was the only time I did it unprotected.

During this encounter it slipped my mind that she also had sex with her ex bf in the past. so basically I'm clueless of her hiv status. I'm not about to go and ask her coz this might be of offense to her. And she assured me that she was clean and only did it with me because she was afraid of again getting pregnant. She also has regular check ups.

Now what bothers me is that if I should go and get tested. I have read that certain conditions could result in false positive. I have a confirmed HSV type 1 infection. And read in the internet that herpes can make hiv tests come out positive even if one is really negative. Since this is going to be my very first test I would like to be discreet about it. I would take a home rapid testing kit maybe after 3 months.

Would HSV 1 affect the result of the test? I just recently had an outbreak about 3 days ago but its gone now thanks to vitamin c. How accurate are oral rapid test?

Given the situation should I worry of possible infection?


Hi there:

Your herpes would not affect your HIV test results. This question has also been answered by another forum expert here.

Rapid HIV tests, whether oral swab or blood are very accurate at 28 days, and conclusive at 90.

I would suggest that you talk about all this with your girlfriend. Sometimes these conversations can be uncomfortable to have, but they are VERY necessary, and will bring you closer as a couple.

It sounds like you only had unprotected sex one time. This would obviously lower your chances of catching HIV, but would not eliminate it. Getting tested for HIV and other STD's on a regular basis (every six months to a year) should be part of EVERY sexually active persons life. Perhaps the two of you can get tested together?

I hope this helps.

In health, Richard