unprotected oral - worried ozzie


GDAY DOCTOR BOB. Hoes it going mate? hope ur well. I have searched through ur archives on HIV transmission from mutual masturbation and semen contact but i cant find a definitive answer.

3 weeks ago i had unprotected oral sex with another male as the insertive partner (my penis was in his mouth) after that, we masturbated each other and he ejaculated on my chest. i had a little cut on my hand and also a few pimples on my chest. i had a shower immediately after to wash all the semen off. Is it worth me getting tested for HIV? im just panicking that i have it. Also....have there been any cases of HIV where someone has contracted it from someone ejaculating on them? Also, i was just tested for all STD's and all results came back negative. WOO HOO for that. Can i start to WOO HOO for HIV??

Thanks. Aussie worrier.

I hope she'll be apples mate.


Hello Anxious Aussie,

You "hope she'll be apples" and apples she'll be mate! Relax Max! Your HIV risk is so remote it's nearly nonexistent. Oral sex carries a very low HIV-transmission risk overall. Being the insertive partner lowers the already very low risk even lower.

As for your horned-up hottie spunking on your chest, no worries mate! HIV cannot penetrate intact skin. (No, there have not been any cases of HIV transmission from getting spunked on!)

I cannot evaluate the severity of your "little cut" or your "few pimples," but these do not sound like open sounds that would significantly increase your HIV-acquisition risk. As always, if you're worried (and clearly you are), a simple rapid HIV test at the three-month mark will give you a definitive result and peace of mind. (Your result will undoubtedly be HIV negative.)

Finally, you must not have searched the archives very thoroughly, as I've responded to many questions very similar to yours!

I would say your risk of being done in by HIV is far less than your being put six feet under by a funnel web spider bite or being eaten alive by a Tasmanian devil, OK? So go gobble down some of that awful vegemite stuff you boys are so fond of and stop worrying, OK?


Dr. Bob