Unprotected oral by POZ man days after finishing antibiotics for chalmydia


Dr. Bob, I love this site and all you do. I searched the archives but didn't see my question, so here goes...

Back on July 4th weekend, I went to a pool party (all gay men). After several drinks and a day of skinny dipping, things started to get a bit randy and I ended up getting a brief blowjob from one guy and a lengthier one by someone else. Neither guy's HIV status is known to me. A week later I started feeling a stinging in my urethra immediately after urinating. I called my doctor who had me leave a urine sample which he tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea. I was diagnosed with chlamydia, but was negative for gonorrhea.

I started a 7 day course of doxyciclene (sp) but it didn't seem to work. My doctor then put me on 1 gm azithromycin and 1 gm metrodinazole (sp). A week later, I still had some stinging and one or two episodes of discharge. My doctor had me come in to leave another urine sample (mycoplasma or ureaplasma suspected) and a blood draw (syphilis and routine HIV testing -- both of which came back as negative a few days later). Pulling out the big guns, my doctor then prescribed z-pack which I completed taking on a Thursday.

Each day after my final z-pack pill, I started feeling a little bit better. By Monday I was completely free of chlamydia symptoms (no sting, no discharge).

Fast forward three days to Thursday night (one full week after completing the z-pack): out with friends, met a nice guy and ended up going back to his place. I told him I had no interest in anything risky and he was cool with that. We just played around: some kissing and hand jobs. At one point, though, he leaned over and began sucking my penis. Having just gone through the chlamydia thing, I pulled away. It only lasted about a minute. After this episode, I found out he is HIV+.

I recognize that insertive oral is very very low risk, but would my recent chlamydia infection (hopefully cured) increase my risks? I called my doctor the morning after this incident and he said the risk was incredibly small. I asked about STDs increasing the transmission risk and he said that if I didn't have any of the chlamydia symptoms for several days, he saw no increase in the risk and that any treatment (PEP) would be way outside standard practice.




I concur completely with the advice you received from your doctor!

Dr. Bob