Unprotected Intercourse with a POZ women..Strong Symptomes but neg at 12 weeks !


Hi DR.

I'm 32 years healthy male, I have had unprotected vaginal sex with a women that told me lately that she is poz for 2 years now and she is untreated yet, after 15 days, I had fever of 37.7 C for more than 3 weeks ,muscle pain, white tong, big mouth canker , diarrhea and blood in stool, Tingling in all my body and a rash on my back, very painful swollen Swollen glands throughout my whole body .II have been in hospital 5 times during the last 3 months, had blood tests at week 12 my CD4/CD8 rate are nearly 1 ( CD4 count are 920, DC8 780, a report of 1.20. ) they also found an extremely high rate of CMV IgG, (512 U / ml, the limit is 15 and IgM negative) and high levels of EBV IgG and IgM negative, after PRC CMV, and EBV, they found high viral load of those thwo virus, doctors said that they are for some reason REACTIVATED !!, and that the blood in the stool is caused by CMV rectitis. (which happens only in with HIV infected people ).

I did some testing Elisa DUO (HIV1 / 2 and P24).

Week 4 after the risk negative. Week 6,negative. Week 9,negative. Week 10,negative. Week 12 and negative.

After the negative result of 12 weeks, I had unprotected sex with my wife after that , after 15 days she had a flu with high fever to 38,5 C, a big fatigue and sore throat with a cough that has persisted more than 3 weeks and a white tongue too.

After 12 weeks, I start to feel a little bit better, I am afraid of the results of the next test, as I think that if a seroconversion took place, it has ended after 12 weeks. I have all, the classical symptoms of HIV, indeed, that what I have been told by an ID physician, my wife symptoms (flu-like), my CMV and EBV reactivation, generalize painful swollen lymph nodes (still til now- 4 month) , neurological symptoms, low CD4/CD8, and finally my poz partner.all evidences that I catch it.. but tested neg at 12 weeks with DUO ELISA. In your opinion, what are the odds of staying negative in the 6 months mark, Should I have PRC RNA tests ??

Dédolé pour mon faible anglais..Je donnerai 100 S canadien comme sympathie a votre organisation..recevez chere Bob Un grand MERCI venant du QUEBEC.


Salut Mec de Montreal,

Je suis désolé d'apprendre ton histoire médicale difficile et terrifiante. Le fait que tes tests 12 semaines après l'exposition restent négatifs est de bonne nouvelles. Ça c'est très encourageant. Pour la plupart les gens qui sont infectés par le VIH produisent des anticorps anti-VIH et ainsi sont séropositifs en moins de six semaines. C'est extrêmement rare qu'une personne infectée soit séronégative 12 semaines après la transmission du virus mais séropositive 6 mois après l'exposition. Je conviens que tu dois te faire faire le test six mois après l'exposition parce qu'elle a été importante et parce que tu as beaucoup de symptômes déroutants. Cependant je reste confiant que tu continueras d'être séronégatif et que tu crieras "youpi" quand tu verras tes résultats six mois après l'exposition.

Merci de ton don généreux. Il a été très apprécié.

Bonne chance. Je suis ici si tu as besoin de moi.

Dr. Bob