unprotected-insertive oral sex at risk for hpv syphilis hepatitis herpes?


Thank you for your informative asnwers to our questions. My question is: I recently received unprotected oral sex from a stranger. (Dumb Dumb thing to do; I know.)

There was no ejaculation -- if that is a factor.

How much at risk am I for HPV, Syphilis, Hepatitis X, etc?

I have no symptoms at this time; however, I am terrified that I have ruined my life. Should I be concerned? Should I go get tested for these STDs? Thank you for any possible consideration of my question.


The risk for getting HIV from receiving oral sex is practically zero. The risk for getting another STD this way is very low. It really depends on the STD.

It is possible to get an STD from a person performing oral sex on you if they have an active STD infection in or on their mouth. For instance, if a person has a herpes/cold sore on their lip, there is a chance that herpes could be transmitted to your penis. It is also possible that that a gonorrhea or chlamydia infection in a person's throat could be transmitted to the urethra of the penis (what you pee out of). These are not common modes of transmission. Ejaculation should not have any relevance to YOU getting infected with an STD.

Telling yourself that you were "dumb" or that you might have ruined your life are quite powerful statements. Try not to let your anxiety get in the way of examining what is really going on for you emotionally. I'll bet that you are not dumb and that you haven't ruined your life.

I would not recommend that you get STD tested in your situation. But remember, the decision is up to you. Start with Sexually Transmitted Disease Basics to learn more about STD transmission.