Unprotected anal sex


I have been living in Brazil for the last six months. I dont know if this is approprriate for this site but I dont know what to do. The night before last I went out to a club with some friends. I met a girl who was apparently into me, we danced and I spoke to her and her friends, a mix of girls, boys and (I think) transgender. At the end of the night she asked me If I wanted to go back with her. I said yes. A lot of people got in her friends car (I think 8 in a five-seater) but this is not unusual here. I was a bit drunk but no way was I off my face. I remember the car journey started and then I black out.

When I come to, I was having unprotected anal sex with a man who I had no recollection of seeing before. I was on my back and he was riding me. My penis was semi hard and came out and then he tried to put it back in again several times. He did not use lubrification. He was a very big guy and I was terryfied. I dont know if this is rape or what this is. I am straight and not attracted to men.

I managed to get out from under him when he tried to put his penis in me when my penis was soft (I did not ejaculaate). I could not find my things, my phone, my keys, my wallet. Only my shorts were on the floor. I asked him where they were (my things) he said I didnt have anything. I left his house and went home in just my shorts. I recognised the street when I left the place and went home.

I had a shower and the head of my penis was dirty, had blood vessels and my fore skin is still very sore. I have had anal sex before with my ex girlfriend and it never hurt like this.

I went back to the street later to see if I could work out what had happened. I saw the guy at a table in the street with three old ladies. I asked him if he my stuff and what happened. He told me, that he was on the street when I was thrown out of a car in just my shorts. I asked him if he knew the people in the car, he said yes and that he would get my stuff back for me. The old ladies were convinced I had been drugged, the guy didnt say much else and I went.

At the moment aside from a strange emotional numbness (I want to cry or get angry but I just feel strange)physically I have a big spot next to my anus. My anus feels a little sore. The head of my penis hurts, and pulling back my foreskin in very painful. I am worried because I am I have been drugged and had unprotected anal sex. I do not know what happened to me in the car or what the guy had done to me before I woke up. Do I need to go to the hospital? I think I am at risk of HIV too.



Frightening story! Yes, you should seek medical attention immediately from your personal physician or hospital emergency room. Post-exposure prophylaxis may be warranted. (Additional history will need to be taken and a medical examination performed before a recommendation one way or the other can be made.) STD screening will need to be done as well. Don't delay. If PEP is warranted, it needs to be started as soon as possible and no later than 72 hours after the exposure.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob