Unprotected Anal Sex


Thank you for taking the time to help people stay informed of the issues. My question relates to a sexual encounter that I had with a male about two months ago. My question relates to the risk that I contacted HIV. We were having anal sex, without a condom (DUMB) and I came inside him and immediately pulled out. I did and do not have any open sores on my penis. What is the risk that I contacted the HIV, virus? I do not believe that he has the HIV virus but cannot be sure.


It is possible to become HIV infected as the insertive (top) partner during anal sex without a condom. Unprotected insertive anal sex seems to be less risky than unprotected receptive anal sex, but is probably more risky than performing oral sex on an HIV infected person. Infected fluids coming into contact with the urethra could lead to infection, regardless of the presence of cuts or sores on the penis. Trauma to the rectum during anal sex can lead to bleeding. Blood can be highly infectious, not only for HIV, but for other sexually transmitted diseases as well. For more information on the odds of infection per contact with an infected person, please refer to Serodiscordant male couple anal sex.

A lot of people call themselves "dumb" or "stupid" after having an experience like yours. Telling yourself that you had unprotected sex because of stupidity is not only harsh, but probably inaccurate. There are many reasons why people have unprotected sex and slip up here and there. You're human and you can make mistakes. You can also take this as an opportunity to really examine the circumstances surrounding this incident and take steps to reduce the chances of it happening again.