Hello, ive been troubled by something, PLZ HELP ME, ...... i had unprotected sex with a married woman, so u can say im her 2nd, and i pretty sure shes clean, but i had sex with her around 3 times,and when i went to africa for vacation, i had no sex with anyone, but i fingered and recived blow jobs from a few girls, NO sex, but i have a habbit of biting my nails and i have a few cuts on them, and im worried, about the fact that if i can get it through the fingering because i felt the vaganial liquid, and with one girl i recived a blow job, while lying down, and she was on top of me, and im worried about the risks, PLZ HELP ME, IM A VERY TROUBLE, AND TO ADD, I STOPED ALL THESE FOOLISH ACTS.


Let's try to make this simple. You are at risk for possible HIV infection if the following occur:

  1. Your sexual partner is HIV infected.

  2. Your mucous membranes (the lining of the urethra, rectum, mouth, and in women the vagina) come into contact with fluids that transmit HIV (blood, semen, vaginal secretions)

  3. This contact occurred during anal, vaginal, or oral sex. HIV is only known to be transmitted orally to the person who puts their mouth on the penis or vagina.

HIV is not known to be sexually transmitted in other ways.