the unluckiest guy in the world


Dr. Bob

I have read yours and other archives about getting a blowjob but cant overcome the stupid thing i did in 1997. I got a blowjob from a stripper/hooker(didnt pay) but stil a hooker and then about aweek later had a high fever night weat when the fever boke after a day, sore throat, and am trying to remember but think i even had a slight rash( i,m screwed). This was a one time high risk exposure but I still cant get tested to close the case and start on meds because now I am married and cant deal with telling my wife that I am infected ( we werent together when this happened) at first i thought it was the flu but now realize that it is to much of a coincedence. I plan on sending 200 to your foundation either way. I have read that this is extremely low risk to no risk and that nobody has ever been infected (documented) this way but I have really shit luck and am pretty convinced that my symptoms after are the tell all signs. Is there anything that you can sya to help or do you also think that the symptoms also might point to hiv? I cant get tested yet but still plan to send the donation regardless. This was my only possible exposure but i have never had any luck in the past so why should this be different if it is a low risk than that is the category i fall into " low risk but poz".


Hello Unluckiest Guy in the World,

I really don't think you can claim that title. Perhaps Dubya's speech coach could, but not you.

First off, you write, "This was a one-time high risk exposure . . . ." but then later write, " . . . I have read that this is extremely low risk to no risk and that nobody has ever been infected (documented) this way." Do you see the inconsistency here? You've read one thing, but seem to believe another. I'd suggest you spend some time reviewing the archives of this forum. You'll find gazillions of testimonials just like yours with folks being "absolutely convinced they are HIV-positive because they have every symptom in the book." You'll then see how each and everyone finds out that HIV was not the cause of his or her symptoms. You'll also see that I've responded to these gazillions with the same consistent message: "Symptoms do not equal disease." I'm quite convinced that no matter how shitty your luck is, your HIV test results will be negative. Then you'll write to me yelling, "WOO-HOO and Yabba-dabba-do. I've just become the 'luckiest' person in the world." And you'll make a plea to other worried wells not to self-diagnose and blah, blah, blah. I'll then congratulate you and move you from the WW (Worried Well) column to the X-File (Ex-Worried Well) column, and then there will be a gazillion-and-one testimonials in the archives.

Thanks so much for the $200 donation. Helping others less fortunate than yourself is the best way to rack up some excellent cosmic karma. On behalf of the many lives that will be touched by your compassion and generosity, please accept my heartfelt appreciation. I'm saving a spot in the X-Files for you, so get ready to turn that frown upside down!

Dr. Bob