Dr BOB, My story is very strange. I got a phone call form red cross, one week after blood donation saying that I may have HIV infection. They told me that my HIV antibody was positive, but confirmatory test was not conclusive. They also told me that they detected a HIV particle in my blood. After that they referred me to my primary doctor. I talked with my doc (old country doc) who referred me to mayo clinic. I am a 55 year old male and i swear to God, I never mess arround and never even get shots (not even flu shot). I am happily married and my wife is the same way. (her blood was accepted by redcross). DO i need to go to mayo or should i just ignore all this crap and continue my farming

Thanks and God bless you.



If you've had absolutely no HIV-exposure risks, then you have absolutely no way of being HIV infected. It is quite possible your result at the Red Cross was a false positive. You certainly don't need to go to the Mayo Clinic just because your old country doc knows absolutely nothing about HIV (shame on him!). For peace of mind, you could do a Home Access test (FDA-approved home test kit for HIV). Alternatively you could go to any reasonable doctor's office, health department or STD clinic and get an HIV test. I'm absolutely confident, if what you tell me is true, that your result will be negative.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob