I'm unfortunately a long long time reader.


Hello Dr. I have worried and obsessed about the possibility of being hiv+ for almost 10 years of my life. I'm not one of those people that keep getting tested though...I'm much stupider than that. I never got tested...the thought paralyzes me with fear. I had unprotected sex with someone three times, over three separate occasions. Short time later I entered a monogamous relationship with someone who was a virgin. So I am basically worried about one person who I haven't seen since. A few months later I began probing my neck and finding palpable lymph nodes...some of which felt quite large. I also had loose stools quite often and still do. Over the last few years I rarely gave much thought to being hiv+, until yesterday when I was diagnosed with shingles.
Now I have combined all these symptoms together and I am back where I started... Reading every single one of your answers, and hoping I'm just part of the worried well. Joe/


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