Undetectable VL n oftenly perform oral sex


I'm positive 43 yo male, Straight. Have undetected VL for 4 years with 5 0r 6 blips sometimes n my adherence is about 99% I have a negative partner. Both of us done all the STI's test n all came back negative. Due to prevention strategy, most of the time we just did the oral sex without condoms.
How safe is the oral sex? There was once I cum inside her mouth accidentally. Also I always perform oral sex to her till she'll get orgasm. Can we consider this situation as body fluids swap n high risk of transmission? On intercourse, sometimes we don't use condoms but never had ejaculation inside her vagina. Not at all



Hi We are almost in the same situation, I'm positive my husband is negative. Because you have an undetectable viral load the risk of transmission decreases by up to 96%. Oral sex carries the lowest risk of transmission. In both situations, you giving her and she you, the risk with an undetectable viral load is no risk. In the research conducted so far, there have been no recorded HIV transmissions among heterosexual couples where the HIV-positive partner is on treatment and their blood viral load is undetectable. However, this does not mean the risk through condomless sex is zero. All of the couples studied to date have also reported using condoms often. This makes it difficult to determine the risk of HIV transmission when no condom is used.

Be well and stay safe, Shannon